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"I consider Geoff a friend, a coach and mentor"

It’s an honour to lead BCR. This company was founded in 1892, and as CEO, I am under no illusions as to the responsibility I bear towards our customers, our wonderful team and the shareholders. It’s a privilege to lead one of Australia’s most respected Freight Forwarders, Customs Broker and Contract Logistics companies. I am also aware that I don’t know everything, and to that end, I work closely with my team and seek outside counsel to ensure that I am giving all for this great company. To that end, I sought the counsel of Geoff Young, whom I have known for many years, upon being appointed CEO.

Some of the results BCR has achieved since becoming CEO:

  • Employee engagement culture has resulted in 100% retention of Quality Customers
  • Employee engagement is in the top 20% globally as measured by officevibe.com, resulting in less than 10% turnover in 2019
  • Improvement in Operating Profit ($) of seven figures (Bottom Line)
  • Measurement of key performance indicators
  • Paid dividends
Michael Thirgood | CEO of BCR Australia

"On Track For A +520% Increase To Our Bottom Line Profit"

As with any new venture, getting out of the starting blocks is exciting and exhilarating but then 100m into the race, legs start cramping, breathing becomes labored and vision may be blurred.

Cathy calmly and consistently supported us through this experience and introduced systematic processes aligned with our specific goals that were easily implemented and has already, within a short space of time, resulted in an amazing change in our business. We are now on track for a +520% increase to our bottom-line profit over the 12 months ahead.

We are truly excited to continue on this journey, and we know with hard work and dedication, we are able to not only create amazing goals and dreams but also achieve and live those dreams and passions.

We would like to thank Cathy for her ongoing support and expertise and we confidently recommend her services to anyone.

Hanlie and Ossie Niksch | The Pest Bully

"In A Nutshell I've Learned Lots And IT WORKS!"

I’ve been working with Cathy and Smart Business Women Finish Rich for about 6 months and have seen a huge difference in my business – even in the midst of COVID-19!

Just one example – in our session yesterday I realised I needed a “menu” of bronze, silver and gold options for my one-off SEO Boost packages.I revamped my brochure straight away and used it in a Zoom meeting at 3pm … and my prospect signed up for a bronze package. They previously wouldn’t have converted, as I only had one option which would have been out of their reach.

So much of what I’ve learned from Cathy has really helped me when engaging with prospects (those formerly awkward sales conversations) – but now it comes much more easily to me. Just little things like asking permission to explain things, and having a “close” really helps. In a nutshell I’ve learned lots and IT WORKS!

Janet Camilleri | Front Page SEO

"They helped us prepare our systems and structure to show its true value to potential buyers"

Having worked with Cathy and Geoff Young for several years their tailored coaching both in group and one on one sessions gave our business new ideas, focus and planning to grow our business. When we announced it was time to sell our business, they helped us prepare our systems and structure to show its true value to potential buyers.

We have now successfully completed sale of the business and thank Cathy and Geoff for all their guidance through the whole process. We would highly recommend Accelerate Business Consultancy to any business wishing to improve their bottom line.

Karen & Len Henderson | Binary Music

"We Are Now In Control Of The Business Processes and Finances"

Deb and I have been working with Geoff and Cathy Young for the past 6 months.  We have catapulted our results.  What we achieved during this time would have taken us 3 to 5 years on our own.

We now have a better understanding of how our business works, we’re feeling confident and see the bright future that is ahead of us as we are now motivated and in control of the business processes and finances.

We recommend that you work with Geoff and Cathy as they are two very knowledgeable business advisors you can sit down and have a conversation – without any judgement.

GMK Vehicle Safety Certifications | Greg King

"We Quickly Plugged The ‘Holes In The Bucket"

Before working with Geoff and Cathy Young, I was attempting to grow my business, but is was very unstructured, daunting and I found myself guessing many of my decisions.  We were seeing the business growing, however there was no profit coming in.

After working with Geoff and Cathy for a few months we quickly plugged the ‘holes in the bucket’ which in turn has allowed the business to grow in a substantial way and we’ve gone from strength to strength over the past 6 months.

Here’s why I believe working with Geoff and Cathy has been beneficial.  I realised you wouldn’t send someone out to a complex job on their first day and expect them to be able to thrive.  So why do we as tradies think we have the knowledge base to thrive at running a business?

Do yourself a favour and invest in working with Geoff and Cathy Young.  People who know what they’re talking about and genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Tubeline Plumbing

"There Is No Such Thing As A Silly Question, Just Solutions"

I started attending Geoff and Cathy’s fortnightly morning workshops and straight away realised that there may be some key areas where I could improve both my management strategies and my business would then gain from that. I found them both very approachable and also learnt that there is no such thing as silly questions, just solutions.

After quite a few months I decided to up the ante and do a little extra coaching with them where they discussed my long-term goals and future plans for the business that was in its 5th generation of family ownership. We discovered that we needed to build upon all the work I had already done but change my whole way of thinking about how I was doing it! (I was an extremely reluctant participant at first).  I got the biggest gains from the one-on-one coaching sessions where I could discuss openly about the business performances.

My 1st thoughts were how can somebody advise me on how to run a business that I had already worked in for 38yrs at that point, and on top of that they were trying to tell me to make more time for myself when I already knew that if you didn’t spend at least 12 to 14 hrs a day 7 days week  in your store you would never get anywhere.

Not only did they help me break the cycle of such long hrs but taught me the power of delegation and having the confidence in myself to persist with the whole program by involving my staff in training and disc profiling that further helped me understand in how to deal with each individual differently, which was also very helpful as a sales tool also.

Whilst on this journey we were lucky enough to have won a national award for our signature product (Leg Ham) and Geoff & Cathy were instrumental in helping me make all the correct decisions with making the most out of this award that then helped us take the business to a whole new level.

It was decided upon for myself to transition out of the business and to attempt to sell in an effort to give me the ultimate freedom.  Geoff & Cathy have helped me every step of the way building a stronger more profitable business in what turned into a 4 /5 yr journey that I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone who is sitting on the fence wondering if this is for them. All I can say is you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

As I sit here writing this I can now honestly class Geoff & Cathy Young as friends and without their stellar advice/coaching I would never be in the position I am today without them.

Daryl Pattemore | Former Owner of Pattemores Meats

"It Was A Sh*t Show"

I highly recommend working with Geoff and Cathy Young from Accelerate Business Consultancy.

Before working with Geoff and Cathy, I thought I knew how to run my business and what it cost me on a day-to-day basis, but, when I sat down with Geoff and really dived into the finer details…..I realised I didn’t …..it was a “S**t Show”.

In just under 12 months, I have over achieved the financial targets we set for the 20/21 financial year and we now have systems in place to efficiently run my business.

If you are in business and want to grow your business in a structured way, then I suggest reaching out to Geoff and Cathy.

Adam Dodson Diving

"Everything Was Crumbling and There Was No End In Sight!"

Before we started our business journey with Cathy and Geoff Young from Trusted Advisor Network 6 months ago, we were struggling to find the right way forward, the best way to grow our business and support our customers while not feeling like everything was crumbling and there was no end in sight.

We now have clarity, we can breath and we are not just jumping from one problem to another.

We have been able to grow our business and expand our opportunities, all without fear and more confidence than we ever had before.

Through implementing the suggested changes, it has allowed us more time away from work and this was something that our family desperately needed.

We highly recommend working with Cathy and Geoff if you want to get real results, growth, clarity and achieve your ideal business.  Our journey is only just beginning and we are thrilled to see what lies ahead for us.

Stacey and Anthony Phillips | Tubie Fun

"I Had a Million Big Dreams But Lacked the Clarity To Execute Them. "

After 3.5 years doing small business on my own, I had reached a point where I didn’t know how to proceed. I was almost too big for my own boots so to speak. We had also had some personal circumstances happen that put us in a tough financial space.

I had a million big dreams but lacked the clarity to execute them. I was hesitant to sign up with Cathy Young, Trusted Advisor Network, given our finances, however we took a leap of faith and boy am I glad we did.

While we’re certainly still in the building blocks stage, Cathy and The Smart Business Women Finish Rich program has given me clarity and is helping to ensure I complete tasks step by step to build our ideal business.

The Thursday fortnightly group has been amazing too. Working from home by yourself can get very lonely so getting out of the office every 2 weeks and hanging out with some amazing business ladies has been so good for both the business and my mental health.

The classes are full of great, easy to action ideas and I look forward to them every time. While we have a lot of growing to do, I know with absolute certainty that we will get there with Cathy’s help.

Highly recommend any business owner to come on board, whether your new or established.

Kaycee Bay | This Little Curl

"Geoff Is Amazing When It Comes To The Numbers"

Working closely with Geoff and Cathy from Accelerate Business Consultancy has made me become so more accountable and guided.  By having the confidence and strategies in place this has help me achieve and offer the highest level of service and quality to my customers, We have been able to achieve a highly recognised name within the Marine and RV industry.

Geoff is amazing when it comes down to the numbers. He can very quickly assess the numbers and pick up trends or down turns and then figure out why this is the case and helps me put strategies in place to fix the area’s up within the business.

Geoff and Cathy being boaties themselves also understand some of the difficulties we encounter on a day-to-day occurrence and again have helped put in place fall backs to help ensure my business keeps meeting my high expectations and goals.

They both have a passion for business and for helping others achieve there goals in life.

Brendan Parker | Freezetec Pty Ltd 

"Business of The Month Winner!"

Yesterday Craft Brew House had the pleasure of being awarded Business of the Month for Community for June 2023 at the Redlands Chamber of Commerce breakfast at Sirromet. With Martin being away I took my good friend and Business Mentor Cathy Young with me.

Although Craft technically won the award, we could not have done it without Cathy and Geoff Young, our brilliant crew and awesome community support, and we thank every single one of you for supporting us.

Tracy Robson | Craft Brew House  

"Teaming up with Geoff is the best business decision I have made"

After owning my own business for 6 years, I felt stagnant, had no-one to bounce off and didn’t really know how to take it to the next level.

Although I had never considered a business coach previously, I was recommended Geoff Young at Trusted Advisor Network by an associate and decided to give it a go.

I had no idea the transformation that was about to take place.

Upon our first meeting, Geoff had me looking at my business from a new angle and re-invigorated my enthusiasm.

Over the next 18 months, my confidence grew and I began to truly understand my business. I was more easily and confidently making calculated and essential business decisions and I was developing better relationships with my clients.

Overall, since our association I have built a better business model that I am confident will be the foundation of a long lasting and profitable enterprise.

Apart from deciding to go it on my own, teaming up with Geoff is the best business decision I have made.

Kane Dyson | Founder & CEO

"91% Increase" (That Isn't A Typo)"

 After working with Geoff & Cathy, my business results were amazing! In one short year my net income increased by 91%.

I worked the same hours and put in the same effort, but with one big difference, I worked smarter by implementing Geoff & Cathy’s business strategies.

I’m so excited about the results and I’m now on the right path to earning my worth.

Geoff & Cathy have just as much passion for your business as you do and will be there every step of the way.

Kristie Peel | Two Birds Design

What a Difference DISC Profiling Can Make

WOW – possibly the best thing I’ve done professionally (& personally) in a very long time: thank-you Cathy, our session together this morning was eye opening, stimulating and certainly rewarding for me.

I’d really like your guidance please – timing to have another 5-6 of our management team go through the same process with you.

Dean Neville | Ligentia Australia Pty Ltd

"We Worked On How To Bank 20K Into My Business"

I met Cathy Young from the Trusted Advisor Network and sat down and spoke about business and how the network could help us. Only being a new business, I was skeptical, my initial thought was ‘’another networking group’’ boy was I surprised. It’s not just a networking group it is a network of like-minded business owners.

I would like to thank Cathy and Geoff for inviting me and can’t recommend this to all business owners enough. I went along and the wealth of knowledge that Geoff and Cathy bring to the table is an inspiration.

We worked on how to ‘’bank’’ 20K back into my business, now this is where my skeptical brain kicked in and said ‘’I don’t need this we have only just started’’ again I was wrong. I was able to identify a problem and workshopped with the guidance of the network and came out being able to bank 60K.

Without the help of Cathy and Geoff from The Trusted Advisor Network I would not have been able to identify the problem and have the skillset to overcome my problem.

Jon Hampton | Hampton Fine Jewellery and Design

"It Was Fight Or Flight!"

Since working with Cathy, she has helped me enormously with my profit margin, by analysing, recognising and adjusting just a few things, creating a much healthier bottom line for me. This is not a one-size-for-all strategy she uses, she got to know my business and worked with me from my level.

Cathy is helping me work behind the scenes to become a market leader and create strategies to cope with all the challenges we are facing at this time, the uncertainty, the loss of consumer confidence.

So, in reaction to Covid, it was fight or flight! I definitely recommend standing your ground, fighting, and getting our Cathy Young from Accelerate Business Consultancy to help you survive and thrive.

Janette Louey | Domestic Plus Queensland

"We’ve had a series of lightbulb moments..."

Since working with Geoff and Cathy the changes and results to our business have been amazing.

We’ve learnt a tremendous amount about ourselves our business and our processes. We’ve had a series of lightbulb moments that have enabled us to implement measures that have returned great results.

We’re continuing to learn and develop ourselves as well as our business. Having Geoff and Cathy there to support us, run an idea against and gain another opinion has been invaluable.

We didn’t realise working with them would make such a positive impact on our business and our lives. Our only regret is that we didn’t work with them sooner.

Andrew | Tradewise